Cyber Jobs Report

With the dramatic proliferation of computing and communications technologies across the globe, the cyber security industry has experienced unprecedented growth — particularly in the Baltimore metropolitan region. This growth has created an urgent need for qualified individuals to fill current job openings and to develop the skilled workforce necessary to address the expected dramatic job growth in the future.

While there has been a great deal of talk about job growth in the media as well as in industry and government circles, there are only generalized estimates as to the true number of available cyber security jobs. There is also a lack of consolidated information on the training and educational requirements for obtaining those jobs. The purpose of this project is to shed some light on both of these issues.

Our goal for this report was to generate awareness of cyber security jobs in Maryland, including the educational requirements for eligibility (i.e. certifications, two- or four-year degrees, etc.) and the programs available within Maryland to help individuals meet these requirements. While this effort will stand alone as a snapshot in time, we intend to identify a repeatable process such that the results can be updated regularly and periodically and will lead to an on-going cyber security job index based on emerging initiatives and activities.

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